Customer reviews of all the EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories product line.  If you have purchased any of our kits or accessories, please take some pictures and send them along with your thoughts to  In addition, I will post them here on the customer reviews page.  Thanks to all of our customers for their kind words & the pictures of their recreational vehicles.  Furthermore, their helpful feedback and especially their time and support!

Checkout what our customers are saying about our Turn Signal Kits & Accessories.  Click on any of the links to see more customer reviews.

EZ Turn Signal Kits Customer Reviews of LED Turn Signal Light Kits


One of our customers took this picture and wrote:  “I managed to smash my right front turn signal into a tree the other day.

Although my head light, surrounding plastics, front bumper, a-arms, and frame didn’t survive.  My turn signal LED light kept on blinking!  Thanks for a quality product!”



Dennis from Guam wrote:  “I wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays!  You are truly hands on when it comes to your business.  Also, you always exceed the satisfaction level with your excellent customer service.  I look forward to doing more business with you soon!”

Dennis Quinones, General Manager, CyclesPlus Guam


Rick from Indianan wrote:  I still have my 2007 Polaris Ranger and the turn signal kit I got from you 12 years ago still functions perfectly, great kit!


Maria from New York wrote:  I am completely satisfied with the products and the ease with which I purchased them online.  I received them incredibly quick – even during the time of the pandemic.  I was really impressed and happy with my purchase, I will be recommending this site to my friends. Thank you!


Customer Reviews

Ken from Michigan wrote:  Thanks for the GREAT products your company provides us UTV owners.  Your products are first class & everything needed for installation is included in your kits; including easy to follow instructions.  It’s hard to find companies in today’s fast pace world that cares about the customer after the sales & you have only been a phone call away if I’ve had any installation or maintenance questions!  Again, thank you for all your quality products and continued support!



Arctic Cat Prowler & Wildcat


Customer Reviews

Johnny from Tucson wrote:  “I just wanted to say that these LED turn signals are great!  I have received several comments about them and asked where I purchased them.  I live in an area where UTV’s are common and these signals make it safer when I travel and are very bright.  The installation was very easy and simple with your instructions.  The front of my 2007 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 XT has LED parking lights.  I installed them prior to purchasing and installing your turn signal kit.  Thank you again for everything.”


Gene from South Dakota wrote:  “I have received and installed my turn signal kit and I had no trouble with the installation.  My 2008 Arctic Cat Prowler has the tilt steering.  I installed the rear signal lights on the ROPS cage.  Secondly,  I mounted them high due to the fact the stop and tail light is at the top of the ROPS.  In addition, I built two brackets for the front lights and mounted them at the bottom of the windshield to make them visible.  Also, I bored a ½ inch hole in the dash and fed the main wiring harness through the dashboard.  Hey, they work great!”


Customer Reviews

Steele from Montana wrote:  “Here are some pictures of the install on my 2008 Arctic Cat Prowler.  I got the triple LED lights with my SM LED turn signal kit (stock# 104), the horn kit and the LED lighted license plate bracket.  Everything went smoothly with the install and the included instructions were easy to follow.  Lights and flashers look great and the horn is loud (not wimpy)!  I would recommend your products to anyone wanting to improve safety on their ATV/UTV. Thanks again, Steele”


Ron from Washington wrote:  “I purchased your LED Toggle Switch Turn Signal Kit (stock# 604) for my 2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat.  I wired the front lights (black wire ground) wrong and then read your instructions telling me to use the white wires for ground.  Then I shorted out the LED flasher because I wired the kit wrong.  I called you at this point and was truthful about what I had done.  You were so helpful and because I was honest with what I had done, you gave me a new LED flasher for FREE.  I was very careful in the wiring of the new part, using the instructions to guide me.  Now the kit is installed correctly and works great.  Thanks for all your help, Ron”



Can-Am Commander, Maverick, MAX, X3, Trail & Defender


Customer Reviews

Arthur from Wisconsin wrote:  “Here are some pictures of my 2014 Can Am Maverick Max that I installed your Turn Signal Kit #104 on.  I added the optional Double Lights, Can-Am TSS Bracket and Wire Connector Kit.  They work great and we feel much safer now on the sections of trails that we share with cars.”


Roger from Washington wrote:  “Thanks for the TSK# 104 kit.  It mounted very easy and the instructions were great.  Product looks good and if you didn’t know it, you would think they were installed at the factory.”


John from Arizona wrote:  “Got the install done and working.  It was a bad ground causing my problem, thanks for the quick reply and help.  I’ve included some pictures of the install on my 2013 Can Am Maverick XRS 1000.  The kit was well laid out, with everything to complete the install and those LED’s are super bright.  I’m very pleased with the quality of the kit, the way it works & looks, and my wife feels 100% safer.  Thanks again, John.”



Customer Reviews

David from Arizona wrote:  “It all came together well and the instructions were easy to understand.  It is an easy kit to install and no shortage of wire or connectors.”


Jerry from Arizona wrote:  “I purchased a turn signal kit (stock# 104) originally for my 2010 Polaris RZR and now the TSK# 104 for my 2016 Can-Am Commander Max.  The instructions are very easy to follow and is a very good product.  I would recommend this set up for anyone interested in adding turn signals to their UTV.”


Gary from Arizona wrote:  “Cisco here are some pictures of my 2017 Can Am Maverick X3 that I installed your Turn Signal Kit #104 with optional Wire & Connector Kit.  I have bought turn signal kits and other products from Cisco at EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories for about 10 years and have always received top level service and products.  I have never had one of their products fail or malfunction during all of this time.  Thank you Cisco for providing such great products, Gary.”


Rod from Idaho wrote:  “My boss ordered this kit for his 2016 Can-Am Defender, it is your TSK #604 Toggle Switch LED Turn Signal Kit.  The install went fine.”


Loren from Minnesota wrote:  “I called a few weeks ago asking about the Can-Am Defender turn signal Kit.  You told me that you recommended the TSK #604 LED Toggle Switches Turn Signal Kit with Emergency Flashers.  I finished the install today and wanted to send you some pictures.  The kit was very easy to install and it works great, thank you for all your time and support.



Gravely Atlas JSV


Customer Reviews

David from Chrisman Farm Center wrote:  “Here are some pictures of your LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 105) on my 2014 Gravely Atlas JSV 3000. Thank you!”


Levi from Kansas wrote:  “We received the LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 105), got it installed on my 2015 Gravely Atlas JSV 3000 and all went well, thank you!”



Honda Pioneer & Big Red MUV


Customer Reviews

Daniel from Arizona wrote:  “Thank you for your easy to use website!  It made finding what I was looking for a breeze.  Look forward to getting my Honda Pioneer SxS street legal in order to ride in Arizona, thanks again!


Luke from Ohio wrote:  “Cisco, here is a few pictures of my new 2014 Pioneer 700-4 with your Toggle Switch Turn Signal Kit (stock# 604) installed.  The 2009 Honda Big Red you have on your website is mine and I’ve worked with you a few years back.  Thoroughly believe your products are first class. Thank you, Luke.”


David from Montana wrote:  “Bought your toggle switch kit (stock# 604) with optional double lights and got them really fast, thank you!  Followed your directions to the letter and my system works GREAT on my 2015 Honda Pioneer 700-4, thanks again!  Again, great product, I’ve recommended them to my co-workers and friends.”


Customer Reviews

Rick from Arizona wrote:  “Cisco, on New Year’s morning I decided to purchase your spare tire carrier for my 2010 Honda Big Red MUV.  I bought it online (from your website) and about three hours later I received a call from your father (RW), saying that it looked like he only lived a few miles from me and he could deliver it in about 30 minutes, amazing!  RW came over in his Polaris Ranger XP with the LED Turn Signal Kit on it, I was very impressed.

We talked and he said that it would be a challenge to mount the turn signal switch on my Honda Big Red MUV.  However, he would talk to you.  You called me and said, if you could have the machine for a few days, you would be able to come up with something that looks good and fits well with the dash.  You called me several days after that and said it was done.  Again, I was amazed!

The turn signal switch was mounted in a convenient location yet out of the way.  Consequently, this was a real challenge because of the design of the steering column on the Honda Big Red MUV.  The SM LED TSK (stock# 104) looks good and works great.  I would highly recommend your TSK’s to all UTV owners.  In addition, the turn signal switch bracket that you designed for my Honda Big Red MUV is perfect.  Thanks again, Rick.”


Luke from Ohio wrote: “Here are some pictures of my 2009 Honda Big Red MUV with the LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 105) and the LED Lighted License Plate Bracket installed.  Thank you for all your help.”


Customer Reviews

Frank from Michigan wrote:  “I purchased your LED Turn Signal Kit (#105) and the Horn Kit (#310).  After much thought I didn’t see any way to attach the turn signal switch to the steering column, as you had told me over the phone.  So, I fashioned your MUV bracket similar to what Luke from Ohio did, which I felt turned out very well.”


Ken from Minnesota wrote:  “I purchased your LED Turn Signal Kit (#104) and 2 extra red SM LED lights for my 2009 Honda Big Red MUV.  I have done a lot of installations on different units, but never do I get very good directions.  You are a very rare exception, it was so easy to follow your directions and it made it a fun project.  Thanks again, I love my turn signals.”



John Deere Gator


Customer Reviews

Kaleb from Iowa wrote:  “I called and spoke with Cisco, I asked about a column mounted switch (TSK) for my John Deere Gator.  Cisco asked if I had at least 3” inches of FLAT plastic shroud around the steering column, and if I did, he thought the Ranger Mid-size TSS Plate hardware would work.  When I checked, I had the space, so I purchased the TSK# 104 Turn Signal Kit with the optional Turn Signal Switch (TSS) mounting plate for the Ranger Mid-size models, double lights, wire/connector kit and the 2 dash indicators.  I ordered this a few weeks ago and you shipped it out the same day.  I just put a little roll in the 3” TSS Mounting Plate and it fits and looks great.”



Kawasaki Mule, Pro, SX & Teryx


Customer Reviews

Troy from Florida wrote:  “Cisco, I sent you some pictures of your newly installed Turn Signals (stock# 604 with Double Lights) and Horn Kit (stock# 310), on my 2017 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition.  Everyone should have these!  I live in a town where golf cart traffic is allowed on slow streets etc., and these turn signals really make you feel a lot safer when at a 4-way stop.  Very bright during the day and night time is really bright.  You’d have to be blind not to see them, LOL.”


Eric from Iowa wrote:  “Here are a few pics of the installation on my 2017 Kawasaki Mule Pro.  I chose the front Amber light locations, because of the extra brush guard I have… works out well!  I chose the toggle switches and indicator lights location, because it is easier to reach their by the steering wheel.  Nice kit!”


Emmette from Texas wrote:  “Cisco, here are some pictures of my 2008 Kawasaki Mule 600 with your LED Turn Signal Kit #105. Thanks for all your help!”


Cliff from Washington wrote:  “I completed the install over the weekend and wanted to say that I was very impressed with the quality of the kit I received.  The cast metal housing for the turn signal switch was a welcome surprise, an indicative of the entire kit.  I’m so used to cheap plastic parts that really don’t hold up well, that when I opened this kit I truly felt like I received my money’s worth, which is a rare feeling in itself.  Thanks again for a great product!”


Customer Reviews

Bruce from Illinois wrote:  “Cisco, here are pictures of your turn signal and horn kits mounted on my 2007 Kawasaki Mule 600.  I installed them myself, going slow and easy, following your directions.  I mounted the horn in front of the Mule in a hole that was already in the frame.  The police officer who checked my Mule for street legal, said the horn was the loudest he ever heard for a vehicle like that.  My wife and I enjoy riding around town now that we are street legal.  Thanks for your products.”

Follow up from Bruce:  “I bought your turn signal kit 4 or 5 years ago for my Kawasaki Mule, I really like them.  I have left them on all night before and the small battery did not run down, good product!


Henry from Bullhead City wrote:  “Cisco, as promised here are a few pictures of our 2003 Kawasaki Mule with the front and rear turn signal lights, the turn signal switch, the LED flasher, the horn and the LED license plate bracket.  Your instructions were very easy to read and follow, especially with the different color wires.  The EZTSK wire & connector kit general instructions were simple and everything is just working great.”


Customer Reviews

Rudy from Idaho wrote:  “I installed your LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) with “Double Lights” on my 2014 Kawasaki Teryx.  I used your Kawasaki Teryx (RNG) TSS plate to mount the turn signal switch and I Love the kit.  Nicely put together! Thanks!”


Roger from Prescott Valley wrote:  “Your LED turn signal kit was just as advertised, of good quality and with easy to follow instructions.  They work great and I would recommend your product to anyone interested in adding turn signals to their off-road vehicle, thanks!”


Bob from New York wrote:  “Cisco, I installed the led turn signal kit (#105) on my 2011 Kawasaki Teryx Camo LE.  Instead of cutting the console to put in the turn signal switch I made an aluminum block extension bracket so I did not have to cut it.  The signals where mounted in the light guard brackets in the front and I also used them in the back to mount inside my bumper.  The interior LED Dome light was added, and I also put the horn button where the choke use to be.  I also installed the LED license plate bracket to the bumper.  Thanks again, real easy to hook up!”



Polaris Ranger XP, HD, HO, Deluxe, Diesel Full-size


Customer Reviews

Ken from Casa Grande wrote:  “Thank you for such quick service in getting to me the LED Turn Signal Light Kit I ordered from you recently.  I was very impressed with the quality of your product and how bright those LED Lights were mounted on my 2009 Ranger XP.  The installation went as you suggested in your instructions.  I decided on a different location for the mounting of the rear signal lights and placed them on the Ranger Roll Bar Head Rest Channel.  They fit very nicely in the open channel and are protected from getting knocked off.  Moreover, they look neat and like they belong there.

The Front Flare Brackets (FFB), for mounting the front signal lights, fit perfectly and adds to the beauty of the Ranger giving it a real OEM finished look.  I recommend those to all 2009 Ranger XP and HD owners that want to add a bit more class to their Ranger.  Also, share with your customers on how pleased I am with your LED Lights, the good service and the information you provided me with after the sale.”


Herminio from Florida wrote:  “Your lights work great, excellent fit into the 2009 Polaris Ranger XP.  I am so impressed, I gave your name, phone number and e-mail address to the local POLARIS dealer.”


Customer Reviews

Gary from Pine Top wrote:  “I installed the LED turn signal kit on my 2008 Polaris Ranger XP Orange Crush and had a slight error.  After talking with you for just a few minutes, you found I had the Pilot wire (blue) and Load wire (yellow) from the turn signal switch, crossed.  Thanks for the great kit and especially the great support.”

Craig from Michigan wrote:  “I recently purchased your LED Turn Signal Kit for my 08 Ranger XP.  What good quality!  And easy installation!  I feel safer already.  Thank you for having such great products.  I’m telling all my friends.  Again, KUDOS!”


Vickie & Randy from West Virginia wrote:  “We received the turn signals and have installed them.  They are very nice and we really like them and now can not think about riding without them!  Thanks for making such a good product.”


Customer Reviews

Robert from Arizona wrote:  “Service & Support with EZTSK is OUTSTANDING with very reasonable prices, quality kits and quick shipping.  I recommend getting the “T” brackets (with the #105 TSK) for the rear, since that makes that part of the installation quick & easy.  Also, the very reasonable and generous wire/connector kit will help anyone (not color-blind) easily wire the lights to the switch and power.  The LED dome light is also a great addition and provides excellent lighting when the sun goes down.”


Rick from Indiana wrote:  “I put your LED turn signal kit (stock# 105) on my 2007 Polaris Ranger and I love it.”


Spencer from New Hampshire wrote:  “Hi Cisco, just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for a great kit.  I ordered your SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) with your Wire/Connectors kit option, Horn Kit (stock# 310), and rear LED License Plate Bracket Kit (stock# 312) for my 2011 Polaris Ranger 800 XP.  I’m not a big “wiring guy” but your kits were very easy to install and all work great.  My wife feels much better about driving on the roads with your turn signal kit installed and my daughter loves tooting the horn.  Thanks again for a great product, Spencer Reeves.  Saw you on PRC Forums by the way, PRC member Bogey326.”


Customer Reviews

Bobby from Tennessee wrote:  “I ordered the SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) to install on my 2012 Ranger XP 800.  I just wanted you to know that this was the easiest wiring & install anyone could want.  I can screw up anything, but I got this right the 1st time.  Also, the kit was sent in a very timely manner.  To me that makes for a great company.  Thanks again, Bobby.”


Larry from Arizona wrote:  “Cisco, here are some photos of my 2008 Polaris Ranger 700 XP completed installation.  This SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) was pretty darn easy to do, just take your time and walk through the instructions step by step.  Thanks again, I feel better knowing that I can be seen on the street.”


Customer Reviews

Alex from Minnesota wrote:  “I purchased the EZTSK 104 turn signal kit with double lights (all amber) for my 2013 Polaris Ranger 900 XP and was surprised how quickly the kit arrived.  I installed the kit; the lights are nice, bright and very noticeable even during a sunny day.  I put the flasher under the middle seat where the ECM and other electronics are located, so it will stay dry.  Wiring took a while because it got dark, but the instructions where very helpful and the kit had everything needed for the install.  I felt it would be nice for others to know what I was doing when driving around on the gravel roads and in town.  I’m very happy with how it turned out and everyone at work thinks it’s pretty cool as well.”


Gene from South Dakota wrote:  “Here are a few photos of my recent installation I did of your EZTSK #104 kit with double lights on my 2014 Polaris Ranger 900 XP.  The installation was “EZ” and your written instructions are self-explanatory and “EZ” to follow!  I am basically an amateur and never did anything like this before.  You have a very nice product! Thank you, Gene.”


Customer Reviews

Ray from Arizona wrote:  “This is an absolutely outstanding kit!  I installed your TSK# 104 on my 2014 Polaris Ranger 900 XP.  Every part is very high quality and the kit includes plenty of wire and crimp connectors to get the job done.  Even high-quality zip ties are included!  The instructions are excellent and plenty detailed.  If you can handle a drill and a crimper, you can install this kit.

If you are looking for turn signals for your UTV, I don’t know how you could expect to find a better kit.  Especially if you have the tilt steering wheel Ranger model.  I was kind of worried about the Ranger TSS D-Bracket necessary for the Rangers with tilt-wheel.  But, the bracket snugs really tight and the turn signal switch is rock solid.  Your hand naturally falls right to where the turn signal lever is.  The LEDs are very bright and don’t use much power.  Again, a GREAT kit, well thought out, versatile and all parts are very high quality, thanks Ray.”


Dennis from Minnesota wrote:  “Hi… I bought your turn signal kit (stock# 105 with optional Ranger TSS D-bracket, front flare brackets, Sub: 4 rear ¾” LED lights and the dash indicators) for my 2104 Polaris 900 XP Ranger.  I have installed everything and it works great.  Power and grounds are wired directly to the battery as per your recommendation.  Thank you, Dennis.”

More customer reviews on the LED Turn Signal Kit #105.


Customer Reviews

Edward from Arizona wrote:  “I enjoyed your website with all the information and great pictures.  Even more, I looked over all the different kits you offer. First of all I decided to get the Running Lights & Turn Signal Kit (#107-SM) with optional Triple Lights, TSS D-Bracket, Wire Connector Kit & Two Dash Indicators.  Also, I purchased the Horn Kit (#310) and LED Lighted License Plate Bracket (#312).  In addition, the LED Cargo Light Kit (#320) with one extra light and the LED Dome Light Kit (#325) with two extra lights.  Furthermore, the LED Off-Road Light Kit (#340) and the LED Back-up Light Kit (#350) with one extra light.  Furthermore, the Front Flare Brackets FFBs (#130) and two of the 2”x 4” LED amber lights (#115).

I installed all your kits on my 2016 Polaris Ranger 900 XP Hunter Deluxe Edition.  They were easy to install with good instructions and high quality components.  Also, they came with all the hardware, wire and connectors to complete the job.  Those Dual Mode SM LED lights are very bright and easy to install.  Also, I tied the front 2”x 4” amber lights into the left & right turn signals using your Front Flare Brackets (FFB).  The Ranger (TSS) D-Bracket hardware made it easy to install the Turn Signal Switch (TSS) and put it right where it needs to be.  Above all, the Dash Indicators really help remind us to turn off the turn signal switch (after making a turn), nice option.


Customer Reviews

The Horn is loud & the LED License Plate Bracket really lights up my plate at night.  The Dome and Cargo Light Kits were easy to install (I used a few of your T-Brackets stock# 140 to mount them), they work great and I really like the soft white light they put out.  The LED Off-Road Lights, WOW, not only the adjustments (up/down and left/right), but they light up everything out beyond the normal head lights.  The Back-up Light Kit (my favorite), I purchased an extra Back-up Light thinking I might need it, I was wrong, one light is plenty, two lights are over kill.  The LED Rocker Switches in your kits are not only easy to install, but they illuminate for easy accessibility.

I sent you several pictures of my Ranger because I am so pleased with your products.  I will be spreading the word about EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories.  GREAT Kits, well thought out, easy to install, and very high quality, thanks Ed.”


Customer Reviews

Steve from Washington wrote:  “Just a note to let you know about your kits installed on my 2010 Polaris Ranger 800 HD.  I was able to wire up your turn signal kit (stock# 104), the horn kit (stock# 310) and the LED lighted license plate bracket (stock# 312) with the excellent service you provided and your clear instruction sheets.  I was amazed at how accessible you were (I called 3 times) and with your help I got everything working, thank you!”


Larry from Arizona wrote:  “I wanted to drop you a line with some pictures of the Turn Signal Light Kit installation for my 2018 Ranger XP 1000.  I purchased the #107-SM kit with extra LED Signal/Running Lights along with the small Green Signal Dash Indicators.  I found it necessary to contact you twice however, please know your directions are easy to follow.  My calls were to strictly make sure I was understanding correctly that which I was reading (lol).

My friend, I am extremely pleased with the outcome, the product, the service, price and the technology.  You’ve done a great job putting these packages together.  Regardless my friend, thanks for your assistance and outstanding help.  This was my 3rd kit purchased from you.  I imagine this is the last one – only due to my age :).  Hope the pictures do your product justice.  Be Safe, Be Blessed and Thank You for everything!  With Kindest Personal Regards, Larry



Polaris Ranger Crew Full-size


Customer Reviews

Scott from Wyoming wrote:  “I bought this turn signal kit back in June and finally got the time to install it on my 2019 Polaris Ranger 900 Crew.  It works great and worked from the moment we reconnected the battery.  It was an easy install, the directions were clear and easy to follow and we had plenty of parts to work with.  Can’t wait to get it out on the Road.  Thank you, Scott from Wild Bunch Video Productions, LLC”


Michael from Skyjacker Suspension wrote:  “Cisco, Thank you so much for helping make this year’s SEMA Show a great success by providing product for Skyjacker’s 2011 SEMA Show project vehicle.  Your help with this 2012 Polaris Ranger 800 Crew is very much appreciated.  Again, thank you for all your help.”


Gary from Wickenburg wrote:  “Cisco, here are some pictures of my 2011 Polaris Crew 800 with the SM LED Turn Signal Kit installed.  I ordered the kit with triple lights to get a custom look.  Very nice kit, thanks for all your help.”


Customer Reviews

Terry from Phoenix wrote:  “It was a pleasure dealing with Cisco, the owner of EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories.  I was able to outfit my 2010 Polaris Crew 800 with numerous LED light kits he has available.  The SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) with ¾” inch surface mounted LED lights are truly a valued accessory, not only for the obvious safety features, but the fact they look so custom and I could do the install myself.  I have since; put on 2 additional kits on my friends UTV’s and they too are extremely pleased.  I decided to go with all LED Kits (turn signals, dome lights & off-road lights) due to the battery draw being next to nothing on the rig.

If you really want to add a bonus to your unit get the Dome Light Kit.  I installed four LED dome lights in the crew, one above each passenger and it has been awesome not having to stop and get out a flashlight to find something that fell or for reading my maps in the night time hours.  They put out a soft light that only LED’s can produce!

All the kits came with easy step by step instructions, which made it truly a fun experience.  I was a novice and never had messed with any low-voltage in my life.  Save your money and do it yourself, Cisco is there to answer any question you may come across, making it a true A+ experience!”



Polaris RZR S, 4, XP, XC, Trail, Turbo & High Lifter


ATV Television with Doug Meyer checked out our street legal kits consisting of a LED Turn Signal Kit, Horn Kit and LED License Plate Bracket, on ATV Television.  Doug installed one of our street legal kits on a Polaris RZR 570 and shared his comments.


Customer Reviews

Trader Joe from Utah wrote:  We went with EZ Turn Signal Kits due to the wide variety of options and other positive reviews.  You get to pick and choose the shape/style of LED and number of LEDs.  Also, the switching options, mounting options, wiring options, and more during the purchase process.  Starting with one of their recommended kits for our model of  RZR.  We choose to go with the running lights and turn signal kit (#107-SM).  This light option makes us more visible to other vehicles (day or night) from multiple angles.

Next we picked triple LEDs instead of the standard single LED at each corner of the vehicle.  I’d recommend going at least with the optional double LEDs.  Then you can have some facing front/rear as well as having some facing more to the side for better sight angles.  You can go even further than triple if you really want to be flashy (pun intended).

My first impressions, if tanks had turn-signals, this would be the switch they’d use.  And if you could work up a quick-disconnect method the turn-signal stalk would double as an effective battle club when needed.  I didn’t want a rocker on the dash so I went with the automotive style turn signal switch, steering column mount.

At first I wasn’t a fan of the turn signal switch (TSS) bracket but it has grown on me.  These are vehicle specific and the steering column of our RZR model along with the shape of the steering wheel makes the mount a bit difficult to design.  After getting the install finished and using it I do really like what EZTSK did and am quite happy.  Unless you have a well-stocked wiring supply, their optional wiring kit will save you many headaches and some cost.


Customer Reviews

Gerry from Canada wrote:  “Cisco, just to let ya know, I just installed the TSK#104 turn signal kit on my 2016 Polaris RZR 900 S.  I must say it’s probably the best thought out, best put together kit I have ever seen!  I read the instructions a few times as advised and it comes together excellent!  Good work, you know what your talking about and what your doing.  Wish everything I bought was like this!  Thanks for a great job on the instructions, quality product and of course it works flawless!”


Mitch from Arizona wrote:  “Cisco, I am writing you to let you know about the installation of your SM LED Turn Signal Kit #104 with the UTV Wiring and Connector Kit option.  It was one of the easiest installs I have ever done.  The instructions were easy to follow and the wiring was more than enough with plenty of connectors.  I researched a turn signal kit for my 2014 RZR S 800 and decided to purchase yours.  What a great decision and at the best price to boot.  Thanks for putting a great product together at a great price.”


Customer Reviews

Alan from Arizona wrote:  “I was “that guy”, using hand signals, because I imagined that turn signals were expensive and hard to install.  So, I purchased your TSK# 104 with triple lights, 3 lights on each corner.  I installed the kit on my 2014 Polaris RZR 800 and per the instructions, I took it one step at a time.  While not expensive, this is a quality product that gives a satisfying feeling as it worked correctly the first time it was turned on!  I definitely recommend EZ Turn Signal Kits.”


Customer Reviews

Michael from Michigan wrote:  “Thanks for getting the LED turn signal kit out so quickly… the install on my 2008 Polaris RZR went smooth.”


Cheryl from Oklahoma wrote:  “This near 60 year old lady, after looking at the website for pictures, connected the LED Electronic Flasher and completed the install.  Be sure to add a color coded diagram to your instructions for the LED flasher, so feeble minded individuals out there, like me, things will go more smoothly.  Remember, power connects to left blade, blue (pilot) connects to center top blade and yellow (load) connects to right blade.  Ready now for tag office and street legal registration.”

Cisco’s reply:  Thank you Cheryl, we did add a color LED Electronic Flasher diagram to the instructions. You are an amazing women!


Roger from Arizona wrote: “Cisco, here are the pictures of my 2009 RZR with your LED Turn Signal Kit #105 along with your LED Dome Lights installed.  They work great and would highly recommend your products to any UTV owner! Thanks”


Customer Reviews

James from Utah wrote:  “Cisco, the new SM LED Turn Signal Kit you sent me is looking and working great.  I read through your instructions, then started the installation, and soon after the kit was installed.  Those SM LED lights were so easy to install and I am so impressed with how bright they are.  This Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) not only looks good on my 2010 RZRS, I’ll bet it would look good on any UTV.  Thank you for producing a great quality kit, Jim”


Don from Arizona wrote:  “I ordered my SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) with triple amber lights.  I installed three lights in each corner to give my 2009 Polaris RZR a custom look.  Here are a few pictures to show how they work.”


Jerry from Arizona wrote:  “Great kit, very easy to install and looks great. I will recommend you to all my friends and family, thank you.”


Fred from Lake Havasu City wrote:  “I am 79 years old and I installed the SM LED Parking Lights & Turn Signal Kit (stock# 107-SM) on my 2013 Polaris RZR 800.  It looks and works great, thanks for all your help with the wiring schematic, Fred”


Customer Reviews

William from Arizona wrote:  “I purchased your SM LED Running Lights & Turn Signal Kit (stock# 107-SM) for my 2014 Polaris RZR 1000 XP.  In addition, I ordered it with the options: Triple Lights, TSS D-bracket and Wire Connector Kit.  Also, I purchased two extra SM LED Dual Mode (red) lights (stock# 118) that I mounted to the side in the rear.  Furthermore, I got your Horn Kit (stock# 310), the LED License Plate Bracket (stock# 312) & LED Cargo Light Kit (stock# 320).  Also, the LED Dome Light Kit (stock# 325) with an extra light (stock# 328) so I would have two dome lights.  Those LED cargo & dome lights work great!  In addition, I installed your LED Off-road Light Kit (stock# 340) and the LED Back-up Light Kit (stock# 350).  WOW, the LED off-road lights are bright.  Also, the LED back-up light, I love that and use it the most.

I read the instructions before I started the installations and then followed them step by step.  I took the front & rear black plastic off, which made the drilling of the 3/4″ inch holes easy and right where I wanted them.  The small 4 wire cable in the wire connector kit was very easy to route.  The horn and license plate bracket were both simple to install with your great instructions.  WOW, that horn is loud & those SM LED Dual Mode lights are bright!  I am very pleased, it looks and works great!  I am going to tell all my friends and family about your company, thanks for all your help, Bill”


Customer Reviews

Paul from Arizona wrote:  “I purchased your SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) and installed it on my 2011 Polaris RZR-S.  Thanks for your help today, I was a “bone head” and got the polarity wrong on the LED lights.  I fixed that mistake and everything works perfectly now.

The international version comes with turn signals, so the rear had a place for the signal lights, but mine were glued shut.  So, I put the LED lights through the lenses, looks almost factory.  I taped up the red lens with masking tape, really pressed down.  I started with a small drill and progressed upward.  Once I drilled that first hole I cringed because there was no going back!  Anyway, I got lucky and no cracks in the lenses.  I think the masking tape was the trick.  Thanks again for your help, Paul.”


Michael from Utah wrote:  “I purchased your SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) for my stepdads 2009 Polaris RZR, kit works perfectly, very nice too, simple and easy to install.  I just finished it up and it only took a few hours.  Thanks for the supper fast shipment, got it done just in time for my stepdads birthday, he is going to love it… thank you”


Customer Reviews

Steve from New Mexico wrote:  “Your #104 kit is great, I installed it on my 2014 Polaris RZR-4.  I just needed to take my time and think out the process, thank you”


More customer reviews on the SM LED Turn Signal Kit #104.



Polaris Ranger EV, 400, 500, 570 & 800 Mid-size


Customer Reviews

Steve from Bullhead City wrote:  “Cisco, here are pictures of the (stock# 104 TSK) double lights and turn signal switch mounted on my 2011 Polaris Ranger 500 Crew Mid-size.  I put an extra SM LED amber light on the plastic steering column shroud, and it is wonderful.  Everything works great and your company was great to work with.  Thank you very much, Steve”


Don from New Hampshire wrote:  “Cisco, I purchased your SM LED turn signal kit (stock# 104) and horn kit for my Polaris Ranger 500 Mid-size last summer.  Over the weekend, it ended up in the lake.  It was partially on the ice and partially on the bottom and the driver side was heavily submerged in the water.  The turn signal switch was submerged for quite a while.  It will still signal left, right and emergency flashers, when prompted, but in the “neutral” position it just sits and blinks.  Is there any kind of fix or do I need to get a new part from you?”

Cisco’s reply:  “Don, sounds like there is still some moisture in the turn signal switch (TSS).  Use a hair dryer and blow warm air in the TSS slot at the lever handle.  When the TSS completely dries out the neutral position blinking should stop.”

Don’s reply:  “Thanks for your help.  Other than me dunking the Ranger into the lake, your kits work excellent.”


Customer Reviews

Harold from Texas wrote:  “This is a 2012 Polaris Ranger Crew 500 LE.  It has the Fortress slider front windshield and steel roof.  I added a rear view mirror and your Horn Kit (stock# 310) and SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) with the double lights option.  The kits were easy to install and work great.”



Polaris ACE


Customer Reviews

Paul from Washington wrote:  “I purchased the TSK# 104 with Double Lights (all amber) & Wire/Connector Kit for a 2010 Polaris RZR and a 2014 Polaris Sportsman ACE.  I installed both kits and wanted to send you some pictures of the Sportsman ACE.  I also purchased the TSK# 604 for a 2007 Yamaha Grizzly, but I have not installed that kit yet.

In the picture named “LED Flasher on ACE”, you’ll see a hole under the instrument cluster.  The wires from the turn signal switch easily reach under the dash, up and out of that hole with plenty of room to splice and connect to the LED flasher.  That area under a cover behind the instrument cluster is VERY well protected from moisture, and there’s a ton of room under there to put stuff.

Now that I see how bright those SM LEDs are, and the wide angle of view, I think I would have been OK with just one on each corner, but I do like the looks of (two on each corner) the Double Lights.



Textron Stampede, HAVOC, Prowler & Wildcat


Customer Reviews

Randy from Arizona wrote:  “Cisco, here are the pictures of the installation of your TSK# 107-SM Kit (with optional Triple Lights, RNG TSS D-Bracket, Wire Connector Kit and 2 Dash Indicators), on my 2017 Textron Stampede UTV.  The RNG Deluxe Textron Stampede TSS D-bracket mounting hardware for the turn signal switch (TSS) could not have been any easier to install.  Furthermore,  I am so glad I went that route over the toggle switch kit.  In addition, I did not want to drill holes in the tilt-bed.  Meanwhile, I fabricated a bumper-light-bar for the rear turn signals and the back-up light.

I did remove the front hood assembly of my own choosing as for better access and a cleaner install.  While I was at it I removed the stock front torsion bar assembly as it limits front wheel articulation and I prefer it off.  Your kit is well-thought out and uses quality components, which made my job much easier.  Feel free to come ride up in the mountains around Payson if you are tired of the heat!  Thanks again for your help, Randy”



Yamaha Rhino, Viking & Wolverine


Customer Reviews

Rod from Minnesota wrote:  “Thanks for shipping the LED Parking Lights & Turn Signal Kit so quickly!  Your kit really looks nice on my 2009 Yamaha Rhino.”


Robert from Michigan wrote:  “I have attached some pictures of my installation for you to use on your site.  I am very pleased with your kits!  Good instructions, easy to follow, an excellent product.  Thanks for a great product, Bob.”


Grover from Utah wrote:  “It was a very easy kit to install, especially with me, I had surgery on my right shoulder so everything was done one handed.  The installation turned out very good, especially when you follow the instructions.  My “Ghetto Cruiser” ( that’s what I have affectionately named my Yamaha) is a 2007 Rhino.”


Danny from Indiana wrote:  “I received your turn signal kit for Christmas; I really like them on my Rhino.  Your instructions were clear and I had no trouble with hooking them up.  They look good and now I feel safer with them on.  Thank you, Danny”


Customer Reviews

Ken from Arizona wrote:  “Just installed your SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) with optional Double Lights on my 2006 Yamaha Rhino.  So glad I went with the double lights, front and rear!  I feel safer already!  I mounted the flasher in an existing hole by the battery and in a very dry spot.  Very simple to install for an average “do it yourselfer”.  Took me about 4 hrs… due to it being a Rhino!  You were kind enough to wait on me, on a Saturday when you were closed!  Thanks Cisco for your help and the great service, Ken.”


Jeff from Spokane wrote:  “I installed the Turn Signal Kit (stock# 604), the Horn Kit (stock# 310) and the LED License Plate Bracket (stock# 312) on my new 2016 Yamaha Wolverine.  This is a perfect solution for anyone installing these extras on any UTV or ATV.  Thank you so much for the simple instructions and quality products.  I highly recommend the optional TS Wire & Connector Kit as this saved a ton of time.  I am very pleased and highly recommend”



ATV Quads


Customer Reviews

Roger from Ohio wrote:  “I installed your TS LED Turn Signal Kit w/Emergency Flashers (stock# 604) with the Double Lights & Wire Connectors Kit options, on my 2007 Polaris Sportsman 800.  First I was amazed at how fast I received the kit.  I ordered it on a Thursday and received it on Friday (the next day) and I live in Ohio!  The kit had everything I needed and was easy to install.  I am now ready to safely plow snow this winter.  Thank you for the great service, Roger.”


Grant from Montana wrote:  “I purchased your Toggle Switch LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 604) with optional Double Lights, the LED Lighted License Plate Bracket (stock# 312) and 1 extra red Dual Mode LED Light (stock# 120) for my 1986 Honda TRX 350.  I used the extra red dual mode LED light for a brake/tail light.  All done with the install… everything works great.  Great products you have, thank you!”


Sam from Utah wrote:  “Thanks for the kits.  I installed everything, the Turn Signal Kit (stock# 604), the Horn Kit (stock# 310), the LED License Plate Bracket (stock# 312) on my four wheeler (05 Honda TRX 350) and it went very well.  The directions were great, thank you.”


Customer Reviews

David from Colorado wrote:  “Hi Cisco, here is a description with photos of the Toggle Switch LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 604) with optional Double Lights & Wire Connector Kit, the Horn Kit (stock# 310) and the LED License Plate Bracket (stock# 312) install on my new 2017 Can Am Outlander Max.

I am outfitting my new Outlander with a “street legal” kit from EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories, so I will be welcome on the streets in Utah and in some Colorado communities.  I hope more states pass street legal ATV riding in the near future.  The website is very good.  It describes the products well, and makes ordering what you need and want easy.  This is the major reason why I ordered the street legal kits from them.

My Outlander has bumpers front and rear.  There is no adequate exposed plastic front or rear to mount the LED turn signal lights.  I removed both bumpers and discovered plastic corner pieces had enough room under them to mount the LEDs.  Good news, I routed the “red” right and “green” left turn signal cables inside the bumper pipes.  I will have a little “jump” between the bumpers and the plastic body work on my Can Am, but the jump is well protected.

The Outlander had a “bump out” in the removable center console plastic that had just enough room for the right and left toggle switches, the indicator lights and the horn button.  The next job was running the turn signal cable under the Outlander.  I elected to follow the existing wiring harness where I could.  I ran cables from the front and rear bumpers to the “console” area.


Customer Reviews

Now onto the Horn Kit (stock# 310).  I placed the red push button on top of the dash, it’s like a bell ringer in an old hotel.  Also, I located the horn under the right front side, just behind the shock mount and radiator.  In addition, I used an L bracket bolted to an upper frame cross member.  I routed the wire from the battery positive post to the push button.  Then, from the push button to the horn.  I insured I had a good ground connection through the paint.  The horn is good and loud.

My Outlander came with a license plate bracket above the hitch receiver.  So I just used the LED license plate light and wires supplied in the kit (stock# 312), I did not need the plastic bracket.  I found the +12v and ground wires from the tail lights, and spliced into them to power the LED license plate light.  This was straightforward.  The LED light is nice a bright and comes on with the tail lights.

I tested the turn signals and they worked!  As a result, I passed the final exam!  Also, I am pleased with how bright the turn signal LEDs are.  Okay, the job is done and my Outlander has the necessary “street legal” equipment similar to a motorcycle.

I recommend the EZ TS LED TSK, Horn Kit and LED License Plate Bracket to those that need and want street legal equipment on their ATV, which makes riding down a road safer.  Cisco and his company did very well by me.  Thank you for your great products and great service, David.”


More customer reviews on the Toggle Switches LED Turn Signal Kit #604.



Horn Kit

Most states require the horn to be 120db or more. Our horn is 130db and legal in all 50 states.


Customer Reviews

Jay from Wyoming wrote:  “Just wanted to compliment your company on the crazy fast shipping, great value and easy to install Horn Kit (stock# 310).  Wiring anything on a vehicle is usually a short trip to a wrench throwing meltdown for me, but your instructions were simple and helpful.  If I add any other accessories to my UTV, your products will be my first choice, thank you!”


Mike from Montana wrote:  “Hey there, I just wanted to send you a quick note.  Just installed your horn kit (stock# 310) on my 2005 Yamaha Kodiak 450.  Your kit was so simple and clean, installation was a snap.  The opening of the horn is facing the back of the bumper and pointed slightly down which seems to be stopping crud from getting into it.  Montana says I have to have this to drive on the roads (street legal) here.  Anyway, GOOD JOB and thanks again!”

Customer Reviews

Dan from Pennsylvania wrote:  “I have a 2010 Ranger 800 XP and I just installed your horn kit.  Everything works fine.  I honestly think deciding where the button, horn, and fuse would go took about as long as the complete installation.  Here are a couple of pictures to show what things look like.  You will notice I mounted the button beside the speedometer display for easy reach.

I used the nut and bolt on the bottom of the horn assembly to attach it to the cross bar above the batteries on the left side.  So, I did not need the screw or mounting hardware.  I installed the fuse lead wire into the key switch hot terminal.  In addition, the fuse holder I cable tied to the bar using the existing holes.  I use the Ranger at Good News Camp and I am very happy to have a horn on my vehicle.  Because a horn is a safety necessity for the kids.  I appreciate your great product and service. God bless, Dan.”

Robert from Michigan wrote:  “I have attached some pictures of my installation for you to use on your site.  I am very pleased with your kits!  Good instructions, easy to follow, and excellent products.  And as I told you before, the horn you use is made right here in our city.  Thanks for a great product, Bob.”


Customer Reviews

Brian from Montana wrote:  “I want to thank you for a great product.  Not only is it made in the USA, but was so simple to plug and play.  I’ll check your website again.  God Bless America!”


Gary from California wrote:  “Just received and installed your horn kit.  It is on my Sears garden tractor, for the benefit of the grandchildren and dog.  Installs easily with your excellent directions and works perfectly.”


Bob from Arizona wrote:  “Ordered my kits (horn & lighted license plate bracket) on Monday.  They were shipped on Tuesday.  Received them on Wednesday @ 4:30 pm.  Started installs at 5:00 pm, all done at 6:15 pm.  The kits are complete, instructions are detailed and easy to follow.  Nice kits, Thanks!”


More customer reviews on the Horn Kit.



LED License Plate Bracket


Customer Reviews

Scott from Arizona wrote:  “Cisco here is a picture of your LED License Plate Bracket installed on my 2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700.  Thank you for a great product and installation went well.”


Mark from Arizona wrote:  “Here is a picture of your LED License Plate Bracket installed on my 2008 Honda TRXX 700 ATV.  The kit was easy to install and works great.  If you would like to add (to your instructions) the wire colors for connecting the LED light they are green and brown.”

Cisco’s reply:  Thank you mark for the wiring information, I did add them to the list of wire colors for the Honda TRXX.


Bob from Arizona wrote:  “Ordered my kits (horn & lighted license plate bracket) on Monday.  They were shipped on Tuesday.  Received them on Wednesday @ 4:30 pm.  Started installs at 5:00 pm, all done at 6:15 pm.  The kits are complete, instructions are detailed and easy to follow.  Nice kits, Thanks!”


More customer reviews on the LED License Plate Bracket.



LED Cargo & Dome Light Kits


Customer Reviews

Ken from Casa Grande wrote: “Cisco, thank you for your prompt shipping of the NEW LED Dome Light and Cargo Light Kits.  You provided good instructions that were easy to follow for my new 2009 Ranger XP.  I appreciated that the kit had all the wiring connections and switch supplied with it.  In addition, I like the soft white light and it illuminates the cab area very nicely.  Furthermore, I would highly recommend your LED Dome Light Kit to future buyers of your Signal Light Kits and Cargo Light Kits.”


More customer reviews on the LED Cargo Light Kit and LED Dome Light Kit.



LED Off-Road Lights Kit


Customer Reviews

Joe from Indiana wrote:  “Recently, my electrician buddy and I installed the EZTSK Stock# 340 LED Off-Road Light Kit on top of my new John Deere 625i Gator… WOW!  I Love them!  They are exactly what I wanted, the ability to light up the surrounding area while drawing minimal power.  Installation was fantastic and the step-by-step directions were exactly what we needed.  Thanks so much for your professionalism during the transaction and for a set of lights that completely matched your description!  Here are some pictures I took of the installed lights.  I took some pictures of the standard Gator lights “on” and then your EZTSK stock# 340 lights “on”.


More customer reviews on the LED Off-Road Lights Kit.



LED Back-up Light Kit


Customer Reviews

Ed from Arizona wrote:  “I installed this LED Back-up Light Kit with the optional 1-5/8″ Rubberized Tube Clamp on my Polaris RZR.  This was easy to install, came with everything I needed and the instructions were complete.  This back-up light works great, I like the fact you can activate the LED light at any time, not just reverse, but anytime you need light in the rear of your machine.  Thank you for developing such great quality products.”


More customer reviews on the LED Back-up Light Kit.



Club Car


Customer Reviews

Richard from Missouri wrote:  “Cisco, I can’t thank you enough for the thought you have put into these kits.  I purchased the SM LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 104) with your optional Wire/Connector Kit to put on my 2008 Polaris RZR, which I sold and purchased this 2014 Club Car Carryall instead.  Obviously, regardless of the machine, you have provided all the materials needed to successfully light your ride of choice.

Working in manufacturing, I also appreciate someone who is running their own small business.  I appreciate the care you have taken to label and bag everything, provide detailed instructions and not cutting corners.  Also, I wish you the best of luck and continued success and thanks for a great product.

I have attached a couple pictures of my ride.  I drive it to work daily and have grown weary of hand signaling.  My 15 year old daughter is also going to learn to drive on this cart over the summer.  She will have a better and safer learning experience with your turn signal kit installed.


Customer Reviews

You will notice I did something a bit different on my install.  There are a set of dummy reflectors in the headlight housing on my Carryall.  I thought that would be the best place to install my front signal lights.  Meanwhile, I carefully drilled a hole in the center of the reflectors.  In addition, I used a 1/16 inch bit, then 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 then 3/4 to get the hole drilled without cracking the lens.  I am extremely pleased with the result.  Also, I mounted the rear lights on the outside of my taillights to get them as far to the edge of the vehicle as possible.

Thanks again for a great product.  Trust me I will be spreading the word to my friends who own carts and UTVs that drive in our town of 4,000 people, in mid Missouri.”



Kymco UXV


Customer Reviews

Dean from Minnesota wrote:  “Here are some pictures of the EZ LED Turn Signal Kit (stock# 105) using your EV/400/500/800 Mid-size TSS Plate installed on my 2011 Kymco UXV 500 SE.  The installation went well with no problems, the LED signal lights are nice & bright and work very well, thank you.”



Land Pride Trekker


Customer Reviews

Larry from Kansas wrote:  “Here are some pictures of your LED Turn Signal Kit installed on my 2009 Land Pride Trekker.  The kit was easy to install and the LED lights are very bright and visible.  When we have to be on public roads to get from field to field the flasher feature is a real safety plus.  These lights have been a very valuable addition to our vehicle.  They really work great, thank you EZ Turn Signal Kits.”



Panterra Wolf


Customer Reviews

Larry from Canada wrote:  “I installed your #104 – SM LED kit on my 2010 Panterra Wolf 700 UTV.  I am very pleased with the results.  After following the instructions to the letter, my lights lit up like Christmas trees the first try!  It is reassuring to be able to signal my intentions to other motorists in a conventional manner.”



Golf Cart


Customer Reviews

Tom from Michigan wrote:  “Here are two pictures of your (#107) LED Parking Lights and Turn Signal Kit installed on my golf cart.  I really enjoy it, what a great addition.”



General Misc. Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Terry from Florida wrote:  “Cisco, the bike is a 2002 Dyno Roadster.  It’s a stretched beach cruiser and is about 8 feet long with the springer forks.  I call her “Big Red”.  She should do about 40mph, get around 100 mpg running a 2hp/2 stroke engine and the turn signals (stock# 105) are REALLY cool!  Thank you for all your help.”


Robert from Maryland wrote:  “Cisco, I installed one of your turn signal kits on my 1929 Ford Model A, it looks good!  Thank you for all your help and for making a great product!”


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