LED Flasher (#125)

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Our LED Flasher will work with any LED lights.

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This Special LED Flasher 3 pin has the connections for the LOAD, PILOT and POWER.  This special LED flasher 3 pin is also quite, no annoying clicking sounds.  The LED flasher comes with an “L” bracket and a self tapping screw for mounting.

The Electronic LED Flasher has no minimum load @ 12 volts DC.  It eliminates the need for load resistors and the turn signals will flash at normal rate with or without LED bulbs.

Important Notes concerning LED Flashers:  This flasher does not replace all flasher units.  Before you order, please check the pin outs of our flasher and compare with the one you are replacing.  Check the part numbers for complete specifications.  You can usually find your flasher pin out printed right on your flasher.  Failure to check this and installation in an incompatible vehicle can blow your fuse, destroy the flasher and void the flasher warranty.  This flasher operates silently, it does not make that familiar clicking sound when operating, like a thermal can flasher.

Be sure to checkout our Turn Signal Switch.  Also, have you seen our Street Legal Kits?  In addition, have you read the Street Legal Information?  Furthermore, have you seen the new Polaris models?

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