TS Wire & Connectors Kit (#660)

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This TS Wire & Connectors Kit will work with our Toggle Switches Turn Signal Kit and on any ATV, UTV, ROV or MUV standard or crew models.

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This complete EZ multi-colored TS Wire Connectors Kit can be used with our Toggle Switches Turn Signal Kit (#604).  Meanwhile, some will use their own wire and connectors.  However, if you don’t have wire and connectors, this kit will make it easy to connect up your turn signals.

It is much easier to run a small 18 gauge 4 wire (18/4) cable from the front to the rear of your recreational vehicle.  In addition, you can connect the front and rear lights using some butt connectors.  Also, you can have the grounds run to the negative side of the battery.  After that you can run the same color wire from the turn signal switches, to your front lights and flasher.

TS Wire Connectors Kit includes:  20' feet of 18/4 wire cable,  50' feet of 18 gauge wire, all your connectors and wire ties.


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